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Computer Generated Imaging & Music

A few images I've created in the last years, some accompanied by music.

Many images are rendered with the free raytracer POV-Ray but meanwhile I do also use Luxrender and IRay. Mesh modelling is done with Blender, Wings3D and Hexagon.
Humans and animals are created with the help of Poser and DAZ Studio and for flowers and trees I do use XFrog.
The music is a quite crude mixture of recorded 'hand played' instuments (I play guitar, bass, 5-string-banjo and akkordeon by myself, but there are also many 'guest musicians' involved) in combination with sound sampling. The name of this mostly virtual band project is 'Six River Moonstone'.
Cubase is used for recording, mixing and editing and the sampler is Halion.
The XSPF Web Music Player does the music streaming.

There is also a page dedicated to spectral rendering using POV-Ray including all the needed POV-Ray SDL scripts.

A short word about the copyright issue as I've seen recently some of my pictures used within the 'net (especially Tumblr, MySpace and Flickr) without my knowledge and without any credit.

The fact that these images are published here and some of them also with my permission in other places does not make them "public domain". I own the copyright for them.
If you wish to use one of these pictures within your blog or webside for any non-commercial purpose feel free to do so as long as you add proper credit and do not claim them as your own work. A notice send to me would be highly appreciated but is not necessary.
For any commercial purpose you'll definitely have to ask me for permission.

gettin' from there to here Gettin' From There To Here

Myrna Tribute To Myrna Loy

Persistence Of Fashion Persistence Of Fashion

O Brother, Where Art Thou? O Brother, Where Art Thou?

You've been bad! You've been bad!

The Gap The Gap

The Blue Flower The Blue Flower

Praise Of Shadows Praise Of Shadows

Comtesse Comtesse

Swan Lake Swan Lake

The Music Lesson The Music Lesson

Vermeer's Cat Vermeer's Cat

Teatime Teatime

An Trsikell Nevez An Triskell Nevez

Broceliande Broceliande

Fun With Fur Fun With Fur

Yellow Magic Yellow Magic

Bist Du noch da Bist Du noch da?

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